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Spring yo’self up!

  • By Max Maharajh
  • 5th Feb 2018

Our resident style advisor, Emma Lane, tells us what's looking sweet ahead of spring!

Cat eye ASOS sunnies.

I can’t bloody wait for spring, I feel like I’m allowed to say that now we are into February. Spring is just around the corner. It’s one of my favourite seasons to dress for; don’t get me wrong I love the winter, layering and wearing all the faux fur coats but by the end of it I am DONE! Pass me the lightweight jackets and some crazy sunnies ?

I’ve been eyeing up a few bits recently which I am going to share below and I can also tell you what to expect to see on the high street in the next coming weeks…

There’s a lot of lavender coming, with more pink and red combos, checks and spots. Along with this are some transparent shoes/coats, square necklines, and all that jazz!

Everything I have seen so far I am loving but I believe it is JUST that bit too early to purchase any of it. At this time of year I tend to buy little random accessories that I can start to wear now in the coming months.

So instead of teasing you with my favourite spring clothes, I’ve decided to give you some spring accessories inspo to see you through the rest of February and to bring that little bit of sunshine back into your wardrobe.

Charlotte Simone spankies

Bit of blurb about what they’re good for? 

Diamante Belts [Link]

Bit of blurb about where to wear and how to? 


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