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Better Sweets
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The mission behind the sweets.

“We believe better is possible. We strive to create the very best sweets, taking on the big guys and delivering more for our people and planet.”


How we’re living the mission:

Our aim is to create a responsible business leaving people & the planet in a better place than we found it. Being a vegan and vegetarian brand, we avoid using harmful ingredients to the planet like animal gelatine, palm oil and carnauba wax. We hope that by buying Candy Kittens, we can give people a more sustainable choice by nature. 

Here are the active steps we’re taking to build a brighter future… 

  1. Carbon Neutral Production
    The production of a Candy Kitten sweet is now carbon neutral according to the international standard, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our innovative sweet supplier has achieved this through reduction of CO2 emissions by investment in green energy technologies and purchase of carbon credits supporting certified projects in India, Kenya, Rwanda and Peru. We aim to have offset the rest of the Candy Kittens business in the near future. 

  2. Say no to animal gelatine! 
    Since 2014, our recipes are vegan and vegetarian by completely avoiding all animal gelatine. Gelatine is commonly used in sweets as a gelling agent and is normally derived from pigs or cows.

  3. I'm recyclable!
    From June 2020, our  plastic bags will be the same material as a plastic bag (OPE/PE) which means that you can take it to your local shop and recycle it at carrier bag collection points. 

  4. Palm oil? No way.  
    Using palm oil in our recipe is absolute no go for Candy Kittens. This oil has snuck it's way into many food items and can cause devastating deforestation & habitat destruction for the world's most endangered species

  5. No Carnauba wax
    Carnauba wax is from a wild palm tree which is a common ingredient used in the biggest sweet brands in the UK. The extraction of this palm wax has caused ethical issues in northern Brazil including poor working conditions. It's a no from us.

  6. OPRL Labels 
    We know that knowing what to put in your recycling bin is a minefield. That's why we've partnered with OPRL to use their  simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling icons from June. 



So what's next?

  1. Become B Corp and use our business as a force for good.

  2. Committed to replacing Beeswax in our Eton Mess recipe, making our range 100% vegan. 

  3. Aim to become a carbon neutral business in the near future.


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