Advent Calendar – PREORDER £12




Life’s too short for boring advent calendars! Welcome to the most gourmet, vegan advent calendar you’ll ever eat.

Chocolate is so last year anyway.

We thought about how great it would be to have Candy Kittens every day for 25 days, but then we remembered all of the other things you have to do in December: nights out, nights in, Christmas shopping, Tuesdays… so we’ve added a few little extras for you to enjoy.

Your early morning treats will taste better than ever with this fully vegan and incredibly indulgent calendar. Every day you’ll find a sweet surprise behind each door. We know, we’re too good to you!

We got you.

There are four flavours to see you through this fabulously festive month! You’ll be tucking into:
Blueberry Bliss: Blueberries aren’t just for muffins. These sweets can only be described in one way: absolute bliss.
Peach Fizz: The bubbliest sweet of them all. This new recipe is sure to put a fizz in your step!
Sour Watermelon: Because Watermelon wasn’t cool enough. We’re sure these wonders will tingle your taste buds!
Wild Strawberry: Unleash your wild side with these berry sensations!

Nutritional Information


glucose syrup
modified starch
10 % Fruit juice from concentrates (2.5% watermelon, yes 2.5% blueberry, 2.0% coconut water, 1.5% peach,
1.5% strawberry)
(malic acid, citric acid, lactic acid)
potato protein
natural flavourings
fruit and plant concentrates (sweet potato, apple,
pumpkin, carrot, lemon, black carrot, blueberry)
calcium carbonate
fully hydrogenated sunflower oil
hydrolysed pea protein
spirulina concentrate

Nutritional values

energy 1425/335 kJ/kcal
fat 0.1 g
of which:
– saturates . <0.1 g

carbohydrate 81 g
of which
– sugar 58 g
protein 0.8 g
salt 0.06 g