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Say Hey to: Wimbledon ?

  • By Tobin Hatton-Brown
  • 11th Jul 2018

Why has this been Wimbledon's greatest year? We think Candy Kittens have something to do with it.

This Wimbledon season is set to be sweeter than ever! Who will take home the Wimbledon trophy? We’ll have to wait and find out. In the mean time, let me tell you about our time spent at Wimbledon this year. The CK Sweet Team were out in force every day throughout this years Championships handing out freebies to anyone and everyone within SW19. Through sun, sun and some more relentless sun, the Sweet Team were keeping their tans topped up while keeping queue goers full of energy to watch one of the greatest shows of world class tennis.

Like the groundsmen nurturing centre court to stand up to the test, we were all busy here behind the scenes at CKHQ making sure everyone could have their bit of summer bliss, Blueberry Bliss to be exact. In the form of 54g of gluten-free goodness, the all new vegan recipe served up a treat throughout this years campers, queuers, stewards and even the Police force.

Every morning and afternoon, the Sweet Team were keeping spirits and energy levels high. We’ve met some amazing people throughout our time this year whilst gaining feedback on the brand, packaging and most importantly, the sweets! It’s been great fun getting to know our customers face to face as improving our customer satisfaction is paramount!


If you missed us, don’t worry! We’ll be back next year to sweeten up your time at Wimbledon!

Remember, use the hashtag #thesweetway to be in with a chance to win £200 of free sweets! All you have to do is take a (grand) slamming picture of Candy Kittens at Wimbledon. Who wouldn’t want that many sweets? Talk about the perfect serve!

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