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Say Hey To: Sadie’s week of work experience ?‍?

  • By Sadie Goodall
  • 20th Jul 2018

This week, Sadie joined us for some Work Experience over her summer holidays. Although she'll be leaving today, we're glad we found someone who enjoys a good Peach-based pun as much as we do.

Upon arriving at Candy Kittens I was really excited about exploring the different areas of work in that business. I didn’t really know what to expect but my experience was far from what I had imagined. On my first day, I was introduced to each sector by a series of casual meetings (where everyone was so nice and welcoming) and straight away got stuck in the financial department. I was generally helping out and checking over data. They introduced me to new software that was really interesting and fun to use as well.

After that, I moved over to the marketing side of things. This was probably the most fun but challenging tasks I did as I had to create puns for the different sweets. Here are some of my favourites:

Eton Mess:

  • If you like it then you should’ve put a meringue on it
  • If it’s not Eton now it will be soon

Peach Fizz:

  • Peach better have my money
  • Peach don’t kill my vibe

It was a lot more time consuming than I thought as it was actually quite hard and there was a lot of pressure to create funny content. It was quite entertaining when searching for ‘inspiration’ though. A less stressful task was also to pick competition winners which were pretty cool and I enjoyed reading all the responses.

On my last day, everyone went out to London to give out samples. I was in Paddington at WHSmith where it was so busy. It was a really good experience and I enjoyed seeing how peoples mood changed when you give them free sweets. I was also very surprised at how many people declined the offer (why would you do that?). However, I found this exercise the most rewarding of the week and, similar to other tasks, would definitely do it again.

Heres a few other things I learned from being in London:

  • Do not stop when walking in the middle of a street.
  • Don’t wear a jumper on the tube.
  • Once one person steps across the road the rest will follow.

This week has majorly helped opened my eyes to the different styles of work and their environments. I’ve loved being in a small, casual working space and it has shown me how different an office job could be from what you expect.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Candy Kittens and it’s sad to leave. Not just the activities but the atmosphere in the office was so unbelievably amazing. Everyone was so friendly and being able to eat sweets all the time was just a bonus (my favourite is easily Wild Strawberry).

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