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Say Hey to Gibraltar!

  • By Georgina Cassar
  • 11th May 2018

Our resident Gibraltarian has been very excited about our recent new customers….


You heard it here first people! Candy Kittens has officially launched in the British overseas territory of GIBRALTAR!

Or, if you are already from Gib, you heard it here last. It’s old news. Because, let’s face it, news spreads like wildfire on our little peninsula and nothing will ever stay a secret for long.

It probably went something along the lines of:
“My friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s mum told me that Candy Kittens is now available in Gib”

If you know, you know.


But where is Gibraltar? What do they do there and why would you ever want to go there?!

Well, as the Candy Kittens token Gibraltarian (yes that is what we are called, not Gibraltans/ Gibraltese or Gibberish, please!) and educator of all things ‘Gib’, let me give you some background on my little hometown…


The Rock is only 3 miles long

Yes, the Rock. There is a big, towering lump of Limestone which we all live around and/or on and there are caves inside it. There’s also monkeys on it and rock falls are a regular occurrence.

Wait, did you just say Monkeys?

I absolutely did. Gib is home to a small troop of wild Barbary macaques that live at the top of our beloved Rock and their favourite thing to do is steal food and jump on tourists. They also love to occasionally venture down into town to cause chaos in search of said food. Tourists are amazed by them them; us locals, not so much.

The population is roughly 30,000

That’s around half the size of the city of Bath, and Bath is a small place. So when we say everyone knows everyone, we really mean it.

We come in packs

If you know one Gibraltarian in the UK, chances are they will know every other Gibraltarian there is within a 3 mile radius. If they haven’t been added to the WhatsApp group for that area, then are they really from Gib?

We. Are. Not. Spanish.

Although our culture stems greatly from our Spanish neighbours, we consider ourselves to be 100% British. We even like to like to celebrate the fact that we are British with a National Day, taking place on the 10th September each year. Gibraltar goes into lockdown, everyone wears our national colours of red and white and most importantly, everyone has an excuse to party.

We’re ranked the world’s 6th most dangerous airport

It may be a short runway, there may be sea on either side and the only road into Spain may go across the runway, only to be closed for takeoffs and landings, BUT I don’t really see what the big deal is….

Three’s a crowd…

We speak a mixture of three languages in Gib and one of them we made up. It’s definitely not English, a Spaniard will tell you it’s definitely not Spanish and it’s only spoken on the most southern tip of Europe. If you need any untranslatable-on-google insults to throw at people, let me know.

We have dolphins

Monkeys AND Dolphins?! We like to provide both on land and water entertainment, you’re welcome.


Summer Hours are a thing

Lucky for some, many Gibraltarian companies offer summer hours. This means they get to finish their working day at 3pm to go out and enjoy the scorching sunshine. I can see why UK companies don’t offer such perks but it’s definitely something for the suggestion box. (Ed are you reading this?)

It’s a weird and wonderful place to come from and I could go on for hours about Gibraltar’s history and our unique way of life but this blog post has to end somewhere! So should you ever find yourself in Gib and without Candy Kittens, here’s a list.

  • The Express Group of Convenience Stores
  • Mons Calpe Express
  • Ocean Village Express
  • Alameda Express
  • GibOil (Winston Churchill Avenue)
  • GibOil (Line Wall Road)
  • The Muscle Bakery
  • Supernatural (at the World Trade Centre)
  • Picasso
  • Valmar Pharmacy (on Main Street)
  • (our B2C channel offering clients with free same day home/office delivery)

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