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Harry And Inigo’s Week of Work Experience

  • By Harry & Inigo
  • 13th Apr 2018

Harry and Inigo have spent a week on work experience here at CKHQ. They've learnt a lot about casual offices, gourmet vegan sweets, and the District Line.

There was a lot of buzz about the school when we heard that Jamie Laing and Ed Williams, the founders of Candy Kittens, were coming in to talk about entrepreneurship.

As the auditorium emptied out after a gripping talk, we approached Ed and Jamie to ask if it could be possible to learn any more. We were told there were possible work experience positions available – if we were willing to work hard! Inigo and I followed up with Ed on an email, and we’ve spent the last week at the Candy Kittens office.


Our First Day 

Walking into the Candy Kittens office was a totally nerve-wracking experience: we’ve never really worked in an office before (even one as cool and relaxed as Candy Kittens’) and we didn’t really know what to expect.

We quickly settled in: everyone was very friendly as they gave us a quick rundown of what exactly it was that they did. The plan was to generally help out on Tuesday, packing boxes full of sweets (and having a few ourselves whilst we were at it) whereas on the Wednesday and Thursday we’d be in the field with sales.

Jack’s parting words on Tuesday afternoon were “Bring a comfy pair of shoes and an open mind”. These words rung true as we found ourselves walking 30,000 steps across all of London on the first day alone. We trekked from area to area to tell people about our new range of gourmet vegan sweets.

Shop owners may have been hesitant at first but after sampling our products almost all of them were won over. Heading back to the office at the end of our second day with our bags significantly lighter from samples than when we started, we felt we’d really helped out.

Final Thoughts

Now as the week comes to an end and we have to say our goodbyes we feel like we’ve learnt a lot:

  • Eton Mess is, without doubt, the best flavour
  • Casual offices are the place to be
  • The District Line needs to get its act together
  • I need a new pair of shoes

It really has been a brilliant place to work and we’re so grateful for the opportunity!

Harry and Inigo

Find out more about careers with Candy Kittens on our Jobs page!

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