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Goodbye, Charlotte! ?

  • By Charlotte Brask Rustad
  • 26th Apr 2018

Here at Candy Kittens, we don't like sad stories. Today we're saying goodbye to one of the original Candy Kittens team, Charlotte, as she moves back to Norway.

Let’s see if I can write this without crying.. (nope, I can’t) – I am leaving Candy Kittens to move back to Oslo!! ??

I joined Candy Kittens in November 2014 as the Supply Chain Manager. When I accepted the job I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was hired to build up the Supply Chain from scratch, and being fairly fresh out of University, that was quite the scary (but exciting) task. However, I quickly noticed that my contributions had positive impacts on the business, which meant I was doing something right.

It is now 3.5 years later and my title has changed from Supply Chain Manager to Head of Operations. More importantly though – in my time at Candy Kittens I have managed a warehouse move, reduced costs, improved margins, moved sweets manufacturer, built supplier relationships, launched a range of new products and vegan/ vegetarian flavours and last but not least had loads and loads of fun (and ofc eaten my weight in sweets..).

As I am sure you have understood by now, I have had the most amazing time at Candy Kittens and I am a bit (/very) sad to be leaving this great group of people. What keeps me going is that I can most likely buy the sweets in Oslo soon – YAY!

For those of you reading this because you are considering applying for a role at Candy Kittens – do it! It is rare to find a company with such great people, culture and values.

Lots of love, Charlotte x



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