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Collyer Twins

  • By Sophie Newman
  • Photography courtesy of Joshua Bradwell
  • 14th Nov 2017

The Collyer twins show us around their fave hangouts in London.

We don’t know about you, but we get loads of inspo from Insta fashion bloggers. From what they wear to where they hang out, we spend hours scrolling through their on fleek feeds. So, we caught up with megababes, Jordan and Loanne a.k.a The Collyer Twins, who took us through their fave hangouts around London. With their love of travelling, fashion, music and eating (Candy Kittens, of course!), these trendy twins know all about the coolest spots across the city to be seen snacking, chilling and drinking at.

Our 4 fave London Hangouts

Granger & Co.

Kings Cross

You know you’ve hit the jackpot when you go to a restaurant for a quick bite to eat and instead end up staying for lunch, dinner, a few bottles of wine and before you know it you’re asking to stay the night until breakfast is served! That was exactly our experience of Granger & Co, the first time we went. As you walk in you are greeted by very friendly staff and the restaurant oozes a sense of sophistication. We were lost for choice by the delicious lunch menu and ended up going for a few starters and salad dishes one including the absolutely scrummy raw tuna, avocado, brown rice, samphire and sesame salad, which was 5 stars! We didn’t go for the eggs but if you do go, Granger & Co are famous for their scrambled eggs on the brunch menu! Not only is it great to eat but because the staff are all so friendly we were happy to hang out in there the whole day, eating, drinking, giggling and nattering away.

Biju Bubble Tea



Ok soooo this place on Old Compton Street is the actual bomb! If you like bubble tea (which we LOVE) you need to visit! Not just for a quick grab and go but to actually sit down and chill out whilst sipping on a divine chai milk tea! They always have cheery tunes blaring and Nick, the owner, is brilliant. Always willing to help you out and make sure you’re getting the best bubble tea suited to your likes! I often go there to do work in the afternoons and am guilty of having had 6 bubble teas in a row #guiltynotguilty. My fave is the coconut water with tapioca pearls, a winning combo. Next time you’re on Old Compton Street, pop in, sit back and sip on the most delicious tea around. And ask for Nick, he’ll let you know everything you need to about the ins and outs of bubble tea.


Everyman Cinema


Maida Vale

If you’re a sucker for cosying up on the sofa with endless treats and a good movie then look no further than the Everyman Cinema in Maida Vale, it’s our favourite boutique cinema and the perfect place to come on a Sunday afternoon, chill on the plush sofas and get served delicious pizza and cocktails (mojitos!) the vibe is intimate and cosy and perfect for a dreary afternoon.

Primrose Hill Park

Primrose Hill

There’s nothing quite like London in the Summer, and nothing quite like scenic stroll and picnic in Primrose Hill with

friends and pupps! Maybe a little cold to head down with a picnic now, but in the Summer Primrose Hill is one of our favourite spots to chill on the green with friends, take in the fabulous views of London and maybe play a bit of rounders (with a bit of cider to help you swing that bat like a champ!) After a stroll or picnic we always make an obligatory pit stop at the Primrose bakery. (If you have a sweet tooth like us then you will love it (the banoffee cupcakes are to die for!)

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