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Amazing Avo – April fools!

  • By Max Maharajh
  • Photography courtesy of Mollie Rose
  • 3rd Apr 2018

On 1st April we launched our new flavour, Amazing Avo. Unfortunately it doesn't exist...

On 1st April we launched our new flavour, Amazing Avo. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist…

Firstly, I want to say sorry to everyone who is truly disappointed that we’re not going to be making our Amazing Avo flavoured sweets. We announced the flavour as a bit of an April Fools joke, but it seems to be that some people were really actually quite excited about it. Who wouldn’t want a savoury sweet?

We know that it would be awesome to have Amazing Avo in our range, and it’s certainly something we’ll bring up at our next big meeting where we discuss our product range. We could be the first people to make vegan avocado sweets…

For now, you should try our some of our new range:

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Say Hey To: Chris Watt

Here at Candy Kittens we're fortunate enough to have some really cool people from awesome brands come in and chat to us about what they're up to- and Friday was no exception. Chris Watt, director of Digital Publishing at Adidas, paid us a visit this morning to update us on what they've been working on, as well as an insight into his department (not to mention the dreamy brekkie spread).






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