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Welcome to The Sweet Life.

It’s been a bloody hard year. On top of everything else, we’ve all felt the pressure from being told we should have used lockdown to change our lives, by ‘sculpting’ this and ‘detoxing’ that.

Well, we reckon that’s a load of nonsense. This year is the year you should let go of what everyone else is saying, including getting rid of ludicrous and expensive wellness pressures, and just be sweet to yourself. We should know; we’re the sweet experts making damn irresistible sweets that are sweet to both you and the planet.

So, we’ve launched The Sweet Life to help bring you a kinder message. No fads, no diets, no pressure. Just some fun guides on how to take care of number one, and reminders that you’re already brilliant, so if all you fancy doing is putting your feet up and tucking into some sweet treats, then be our guest. You do you.

It’s basically a big hug for your brain.

Sweet Eating Mat

Crafted for the perfect sweet eating experience, this cushioned mat provides unparalleled comfort for those forsaking conventional furniture. With a specific spot for your sweets and striking colour, this mat is the perfect addition to the sweet lover’s arsenal.

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