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We’re partnering with the HEROES appeal to support frontline NHS workers in the fight against COVID-19

We’re a small team here at Candy Kittens. We work closely together and support each other in the little community that we’ve built. Everyone getting stuck in creates a community feel which is something we really value. So when we came across HEROES, an organisation created by family and friends of a London-based doctor to support his community - the NHS - we knew straight away it was something we wanted to help with.

We’re offering our support to our frontline NHS workers by partnering with HEROES and donating 10p for every Candy Kittens product sold*. This money will go towards HEROES’ mission to make the lives of NHS staff, who are fighting Coronavirus and saving lives, better, and ultimately Help them, Help us. So for every Candy Kittens product you buy either in store or online, you'll be contributing towards HEROES’ incredible efforts to improve the lives of our healthcare staff.


Donating a proportion of our sales forms the foundation of our partnership with them, but this is just the beginning. We’ll be doing a lot more over the coming weeks and months - check out our newsletter and social media pages for updates!

Want to know more about HEROES?

HEROES is an organisation founded and staffed by frontline NHS workers, and supported by the BMA (British Medical Association). It was set up in response to the growing pressure on the NHS frontline of the COVID-19 outbreak. Being founded by NHS workers for NHS workers means they have direct insight into the most critical needs of staff across the nation, and can react quickly and appropriately to provide for these needs. Their mission is simple: to make the lives of NHS staff better, and ultimately Help them, Help us. To achieve this, the initiative focuses on three key areas:

  1. PPE (personal protective equipment) - ensuring staff are properly protected with certified equipment

  2. Food - getting meals and essential groceries to where they’re needed most

  3. Services - providing access to vital services such as counselling and emergency childcare

Hear from the frontline workers themselves in this short video:

To find out more, visit their website, or to make a direct contribution to the HEROES appeal visit their gofundme page.


*Excludes subscription service and single 54g bags. Donations made from sales between 27.04.20 and 12.08.20 inclusive

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