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Game Changers

Introducing Harleymoon Kemp – GAME CHANGERS

  • By Brad Freeman
  • 13th Jun 2018

Meet Harleymoon, June's GAME CHANGER! In this sweet mini-series, we're going to be showcasing some of the most exciting and inspiring women around.


Harleymoon is a creative powerhouse; she’s a photographer, filmmaker and songwriter! Being the naughty kid in school, Harleymoon could never sit down. It wasn’t until she fell into photography that she found her calling.

Still she gets butterflies in her tummy on shoot days; her work is like soul food. Surrounding herself with inspirational women is one of the driving forces in here career.

Every day that Harleymoon goes to work, she’s smiling. Let us know who your #GAMECHANGERS are!

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