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Step-by-Step Guide to: Lying Face Down on Your Bed and Doing Nothing

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With life moving at 100mph, sometimes we need to take a step back and do absolutely nothing. However, the art of doing nothing is a special skill that takes some practice and needs to be mastered. 

But don’t stress, The Sweet Life team have got you covered with the below step-by-step Guide to: Lying Face Down on Your Bed and Doing Nothing, so that you can become a pro at taking some much-needed rest.



The most important step is, of course, the first step. Safety is key, so preparing that all-important jump onto the bed by checking that your landing is safe is a must. Key safety checks can include:

  • Feeling the bed for any protruding springs
  • Checking the position of the bed to ensure maximum dive-ability
  • Moving any objects off the bed to avoid any casualties
  • Fluffing the pillows for maximum head sinkage



Take Off

Once you’ve completed the safety checks it’s time to take the plunge, both metaphorically and physically. Here is when things get a little more technical as the take off stage is all about finding the best angle to make the most satisfactory jump onto the bed. 

We’re not saying you have to get a protractor and compass out – this isn’t a maths lesson – but roughly a 45 degree foot angle should provide the appropriate elevation. Once you’ve positioned the angle of your feet, the next step is to place your hands above your head in a diving motion and take the leap of faith.




You’ve made it to the bed – well done! We’ve put together a list of the best positions to land in, and stay in, to allow for maximum comfort: 

  • The Star Fish: Lying on your back, take a nice big stretch and sprawl open, with your arms above your head and legs stretched outwards. 
  • The Foetus: Tuck your arms and legs in tight towards your body, whilst lying on your side. The aim here is to curl your body into itself.
  • The Running Man: Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs at 90-degree angles as if you were running. Top tip: Take note of your body position if you’re out for a jog to get a really lifelike recreation.




Just one more stage to go until you’ve completed this step-by-step guide. Below are some suggestions of what nothing you should do once you’ve figured out your best landing position:

  • Take a well-deserved nap
  • Daydream about all-inclusive holidays
  • Have a staring competition with the wall opposite you
  • Listen to the sound of passing cars, pedestrians or pigeons
  • Or, simply close your eyes and rest

Note: the trick here is to do absolutely nothing.


Congratulations – you’ve completed our Step-by-Step Guide to: Lying Face Down on Your Bed and Doing Nothing! Now, go and put your new-found ‘nothing’ skills to the test and relax.

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