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Intermittent Slowing

Exercise seems to have gotten a lot more complicated since we were doing star jumps in PE. Peloton, Pilates, yoga, goat yoga, hot yoga, aerial yoga, HIIT, F45, M25, SPF50. It can be hard to keep up.


That’s why we’ve put together the perfect workout plan for you. One that focuses on the most important part of fitness: rest days.

You might be able to do the splits with a kettlebell above your head, but have you mastered doing nothing?

On our Intermittent Slowing regimen, you’ll follow a 5:2 plan with five days of movement per week with two days off. The plan combines fun exercises (you won’t find any planks here) with structured rest days, to ensure that you make the most out of doing literally nothing. 


5 Days (Working/Exercise Days)

What is rest without exercise? 

Crucial to making the most of your days off is the exercise you put in to earn them. But we know how boring slogging around the park on a 5K is, and we feel your exasperation at the tedium of yet another set of bicycle crunches. Below you’ll find a list of exercises to include in your five working days:

  • Leave the house late so you have to run for the train, tube, bus (if you find this too easy, try making it plyometric by diving through the doors as they close)
  • Are your colleagues moaning about lugging their laptops around as they slowly start to return to the office? Start a laptop carrying service to lighten their load and burn those extra calories on the commute 
  • Replace all walking with skipping. (Try this Wizard of Oz style with a workout buddy)
  • Introduce hula-hooping to your day. Hula-hoop while you brush your teeth, eat your morning cereal, catch up on the latest crime drama whatever!
  • Swap roles with your dog for the day. You chase the stick. You’re on all fours. (This one’s great for the abs)



2 Days (Slowing/Rest Days)

So, you’ve skipped up quite a sweat for five days. And you’ve earned that crucial time off for your body to recover and get much stronger and healthier. To help you make the most of these rest days we’ll guide you through tricks and tips to get you doing nothing, better. We’ll cover the physical and mental aspects of Slowing so you can become a master of rest.




As with most things the key to Slowing is preparation. Follow the tips below to make sure you’re not working too hard on those rest days:

  • Meal prep. This is crucial to do on your five working days. On your rest days you shouldn’t be doing more than opening tupperwareTupperware. Takeaways are also a good option (collection is not recommended). 
  • Furniture positioning. The flow of your house is vital to cutting down moving time. Is there a table you have to edge round? If so, move it and make your trip from the sofa to the fridge as short as possible (moving that table is a great Working Day exercise).
  • Onesies. Save valuable time, effort and energy deciding what to wear, and actually getting into it, by setting aside your most comfortable all-in-one clothing the night before a day of Slowing. Step in, zip up and you’re all set for a day of doing nothing. Animal ears/tails optional.



Exercise is as much about the mind as it is about the body. Use this psychological trick to ensure you’re Slowing to your maximum:

  • Visualisation. On your bed or sofa, or wherever you’ve chosen to Slow, close your eyes. Now imagine yourself as the slow creature of your choice. It could be a sloth, a snail or even a slow loris. Begin to embody your creature and feel your muscles relax as you take on board its essential stillness. Some may find mimicking their creature’s movements helps but only attempt if this isn’t strenuous.



You’re all set! Don’t waste any time and put the Intermittent Slowing plan into action today.

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