Vegan Gift Boxes now 50% Off!!!

by Tamara Southward   31 May 2019

I guess you could say we’ve had our hands full this week...

This past Tuesday, Jamie’s inbox was quite literally inundated with DMs coming in from Candy Kittens lovers near and far, hoping to fall within the first 1000 to claim a free vegan box. As our team ceaselessly packed away bags of Peach Fizz, Wild Strawberry, Sour Watermelon and Blueberry Bliss, the office was stacked to say the least. But the endless stream of messages didn’t exactly stop at the 1000 mark - and we had to act fast. So we decided to bring the rest of the world in on the fun. Because hey, happiness is like sweets - only good when shared. (Actually, debatable when it comes to sweets. But we’ve got plenty to go round).

So… WE HAVE A PSA!! And this one is a biggie, because we are offering 50% OFF on our vegan gift boxes until Sunday at midnight. Just enter our VEGAN50 code for a box of pure bliss - and we don’t mean just Blueberry. Make sure you spend that Friday paycheck wisely, i.e on our sweets that will undoubtedly change your life - without changing that bank account balance. So ask (or order) and you shall receive!