We know new weeks are for new beginnings but this Monday we're throwing it way back with this one... Check out this totally vintage (well, vintage for Candy Kittens) appeal from 2014! Ever feel overloaded by the infiltration of supermarket chocolate in your cupboards? Ever wondered just how the Easter Bunny manages to cope every year with the obscene demand for chocolate eggs? Well here’s why we’re giving him the day off. Each year at Easter, Chocolate takes over our lives and engulfs our nation, and we’ve decided something has got to change. We are urging you, yes ALL of you, to Say No to Chocolate this year.  

Stay tuned on our blog this week to see just how our Candy Kittens community is pioneering the movement to ditch the chocolate this Easter for something a little more fruity, vegan, gluten-free and all natural in flavour…. (any guesses as to what that could be?)