Top Three with Cam

by Tamara Southward  16 July, 2019

We sat down with Cam, our Operations Executive, to chat about three currently trending things that have caught his attention as of late.


This was really the year where I watched Wimbledon religiously, and had no idea that Coco was even listed until she beat Venus Williams in a match that instantly caught England, and indeed the world's attention. While she didn't get to the semis, she definitely proved her game for her age, and I can't wait to see her play again next year!


I might be super late to the party, but I’ve recently become obsessed with podcasts. In just the last week, I jumped onto the bandwagon and have been listening to podcasts going to and from work, before bed - looks like my Spotify app is quickly being replaced! Desert Island Discs is currently one of my favourites, and Dolly Alderton's Love Stories is definitely a guilty pleasure. 


Tooting Market might just be one of London's most underrated culinary gems - not to mention a great atmosphere complete with cool little bars, microbreweries, and restaurants such as Sea Garden, where you can sit at a market table eating amazing seafood sourced on the day that beats any hotel in Fitzrovia. More than anything, Plot has caught my attention due to its incredibly interactive atmosphere focused on innovative British small plates that you can enjoy with the chefs around the kitchen counter!