This Week We're Loving...

by Maddy de Winter 1st October, 2019

So here at CKHQ we can't JUST be addicted to sweets so we're finding alternative ways to channel our sweet tooth and addictive personalities elsewhere. Here is what we're loving at CKHQ this week. 

Izzy, our Sales Intern: "This week i'm loving 'What If' on Netflix!! I watch it with my flatmate every night :))". 

Oscar winner Renée Zelwegger stars as Anne Montgomery in this Netflix Original social thriller, 'What If'. Desperate to secure funding for her med tech startup, an idealistic scientist and her husband strike an outrageous deal with a mysterious investor. Start watching the gripping series here!

Jack, our Commercial Manager: "I'm fascinated by Treasure Island with Bear Grylls". 

In this Channel 4 reality show twelve ordinary Brits land on an uninhabited island facing the toughest time of their lives. But this isn't just survival, there's £100k at stake. Start watching to see how they got on when all of their daily luxury's had been stripped from them. 

Hayley, our Office Manager: "I'm loving Temper in Covent Garden 🙌".

Temper Covent Garden is in-house butchered steak, barbecued meats and traditional corn tacos. Temper is a unique, vibrant steakhouse with music, cocktails, an extensive wine list and an open kitchen slap bang in the middle of the restaurant. They invite you to sit around the open kitchen and watch the chefs making your food or head downstairs to enjoy deep-pan Detroit style pizza. This Detroit style pizza is available exclusively on their Unlimited Pizza & Wine menu. Yes you heard correctly... UNLIMITED pizza and wine! That's got to be an all round winner surely!? Visit their website here!

Annabelle, our Operations Manager: "Soutine in St Johns Wood for brunch is just amazing :clapping:". 

Taking inspiration from the great boulevard cafés of Paris and the artistic heritage of St John’s Wood, Soutine is an informal neighbourhood rendezvous from restaurateurs, Corbin & King. Offering a classic French café menu, Soutine is open throughout the day from breakfast until late! Visit their website here to find out a little more!

Amy, our Marketing Executive: "This week I'm loving the fact it's October:maple_leaf::jack_o_lantern::sparkler: I'm so ready for the season where Sunday roasts make a comeback and cosy pjs are a must". 

October is full of Winter fun, Oktoberfest is just around the corner, as is Halloween (don't fret, Blog posts are to follow on how you may want to spend these occasions in London)! Plus you can finally layer up on all of those winter knits and coats you've had hiding in the back of your wardrobe for the last 6 months! It's officially time to get your snug on! 

Maddy, our Marketing Intern: "Over the weekend I discovered the BBC Drama 'The Capture' and I am addicted! I binge watched all of the available episodes on iPlayer and now the wait for the next episode release is an absolute killer 😫!" 

The Capture is a BBC drama, and when a British soldier is charged with a crime, a tenacious young detective handling his case begins to uncover a multi-layered conspiracy. You can start watching it here! But be warned it is addictive! 


Ed, our Managing Director: "Bill Gates documentary on Netflix - he's operating on the most ridiculous level. 3 episodes and it's blown my mind".

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates opens up about his childhood, business career and passion for improving the lives of people in the developing world. Take a trip inside the mind of Bill Gates as the billionaire opens up about those who influenced him and the audacious goals he's still pursuing. Start watching here!