By Lucy Legret

It's that time of the week so we are excited to share with you what we've been loving at CKHQ! Keep reading to find out what the Candy Kitten's team got up to at the Christmas Party, as we take you through each step of the day!

Nativity-themed table tennis tournament

At our new CKHQ we have a ping-pong table, so it only seemed fitting to kick off the festive day with a nativity-themed table tennis tournament! The operations team dressed as angels, while the marketing team went as the wise men, and the sale team as shepherds! 

Who won, we hear you ask!? While it was a close call between Ali and Emma (Mary and Joseph) and Emily and Jemma (two angels), but Mary and Joseph managed to steal the crown and take the final trophy. A well-deserved win!

Escape Rooms

Our next activity had us racing against the clock, in an intense hour at the Escape Rooms. Split into three teams, we all tried our luck playing puzzles, cracking codes and solving riddles! While we all thought we could escape the rooms easily, we were surprised at how difficult we found it! Some teams were less successful than others, escaping the room with only 2 minutes to spare! Nonetheless, we were very proud that everyone completed the rooms in under an hour, making it safely back to CKHQ!

Dinner party at CKHQ

We were welcomed back to CKHQ with a delicious three-course meal whilst opening our secret Santa presents and listening to the winners of our CK team awards! It was a great chance to reflect on what we have achieved this year at Candy Kittens, and set the way for a brilliant night of music and cocktails. Thank you to everyone who helped put the magical night together! Lastly, from everyone at CKHQ, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!