This Week We're Loving...

by Maddy de Winter 10th September, 2019

So here at CKHQ we can't JUST be addicted to sweets so we have to find other ways to channel our sweet tooth and addictive personalities elsewhere. Here is what we're loving at CKHQ this week. 

Annabelle, our Head of Operations: "I went to the new Hoxton Hotel in Southwark on Saturday for a 'Happy House Plant' workshop run by Botony in Hackney. The new hotel is gorgeous, great coffee and amazing interiors. I wanted to stay there all day!" 

The Happy Houseplants workshop aims to give an education in houseplants. With so much contradictory information coming from everywhere it can get a bit confusing figuring out what you plants need to thrive (and how to share them)! They cover the history of houseplants, what will thrive best in which situations and what might be going wrong with your plants. This is the perfect opportunity to gain a bit of confidence and knowledge with your indoor plants! Find out more about it here!

Georgina, our Marketing Manager: "Last night I went to see the insanely talented Alice Chater at Camden Assembly for the start of her first headline UK tour. If you haven’t heard of her, you will soon!" 

Noctis Magazine did "5 Minutes with Alice Chater", here's what they had to say: As an artist Alice Chater is all about being a triple threat: on-point choreography, high-concept videos and attitude-laden vocals. Bored of a modern pop landscape that’s rigid and way too-cool-for-school, Alice is here to shake things up, with the help of some of pop’s biggest names. She impressed will.i.am so much after a one off meeting on a night out that he’s become a mentor, helping kickstart a major label rush to sign her. Ahead of the release of her latest single, ‘Hourglass’, we sat down with the pop diva in the making to talk about her musical influences, having will.i.am as a mentor and touring with MNEK. Read the full article here! 

Amy, our Marketing Executive: "This weekend, I got out of London and headed to the Lake District. So nice to get away from the busy city for some fresh air and pub lunches... it's starting to feel a little like autumn and I'm not mad about it haha!" 

As of last week Autumn has very much hit, the weather has suddenly changed and its getting colder! What better way to while away your evenings or weekends that in cosy traditional pubs! The Telegraph has written an article "Top 10: the Lake District's best pubs and inns", read it here to get inspiration for your next pub trip! 

Ali, our Commercial Manager: "Something I want to get really sick at is Kitesurfing". 

Red Bull describe Kitesurfing as a wind-powered watersport that uses a kite and a board to propel you across the water. Despite the name, it doesn’t have to involve wave surfing – kitesurfing can be done on mirror-flat lagoons, as well as in choppy seas or big waves. All you need is wind and water. They say that Kitesurfing is one of the coolest sports you can do on water! Read their beginners guide to Kitesurfing here!

London, like many other cities, offers limited options when it comes to good kitesurfing locations. F-One have written a fab article of 'The Best Places to Kitesurf Near London'. Read their recommendations here!

Maddy, our Marketing Intern: Last Tuesday I went to The Prince in West Brompton. I had heard all the hype around how nice it was as a bar/pub but never actually got around to going until last week! It's beautiful inside and had a really good atmosphere! They had a fun quiz night that happens every Tuesday which we took part in, and lots have drink deals going on as well during the quiz - what's not to love! Visit their site here!