By Lucy Legret

It’s that time of the week again, and we are ready to delve into some of the top things that we are loving this week at CKHQ. Stay tuned to find out what we have been up to…

Kitty, our Social Media Executive: I visited Simplicity Burger in Brick Lane!

Simplicity Burger believes that burgers shouldn’t be over-processed with harsh chemicals and instead should be healthy and made with a sustainable approach. Therefore, all burgers at this restaurant are made from fermented vegetables and whole foods, which is pretty amazing considering I thought the burgers tasted very similar to meat! The restaurant prides itself on its simplistic menu, hence the name, Simplicity Burgers... but don’t be fooled! They’re packed full of spice and flavour!

Emma C, our Commercial Executive: I have loved watching the new ITV drama called Whitehouse Farm!

Based on a captivating true story set in the 1980s, the story follows a family who was tragically murdered in their own home. It was so shocking that the police believed the mother had murdered her own family! As the episode unfolds, you learn that this may not have been the case...but I won’t spoil it for you! The third and final episode airs this Wednesday, so stay tuned!

Georgina, our Marketing Manager: Yesterday I signed up to ‘Re-Fashion’ an online charity shop. 

Once you sign up to Re-fashion they send you a couple of bags for you to fill with your unwanted clothes. This is then returned to them free of charge! The charity shop uses these clothes to sell on, and you’re also able to choose which charity you’d like the donations to go to. It’s really important that people reuse or recycle their old clothes, and this company makes it so easy to do, so I highly recommend that you check them out!

Annabelle, our Head of Operations:  I went for a lovely breakfast at Granger and Co.

On Sunday morning, I visited Granger and Co as I wanted to try their legendary breakfast! The restaurant first opened in Australia, and since then, its popularity has helped grow the business to new places around the world and on the weekend I visited, they were donating the proceeds of their special signature dish (Ricotta HotCakes) to an Australian wildlife charity, in response to the tragic destruction of the wildfire crisis. Definitely a worthy cause!

Brad, our Creative Designer: I watched the whole series of Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez - on Netflix

Netflix has released its lastest true-crime drama about the murder of the semi-professional American footballer Odin Lloyd. The episodes only came out last week, but since then I have finished the entire show! I found the details of the murder case super interesting; they delved into evidence that wasn't highlighted in 2013 when the murder was on the news! If you’re into murder documentaries then make sure you give this a watch over the weekend.