By Lucy Legret

It’s that time of the week again, and we're excited to share with you everything that we are loving this week at CKHQ! Stay tuned to find out what we have been up to…

Annabelle, our Head of Operations: I smashed through the new BBC Dracula series this weekend.

If you like Bram Stoker’s famous novel ‘Dracula’, then wait till you watch the new Dracula series on BBC One! For those who enjoy dark and twisted gothic thrillers, then I highly recommend this to you. The spooky series is set in the late 19th century, but as the story begins to develop and unravel, you are presented with a modern-day twist! Dracula in the 21st century. How bloody brilliant!? (pardon the pun)

Kitty, our Social Media Executive: I found a new vegan restaurant called Love Shack in Bethnal Green

I love finding new, quirky vegan places to eat, so this week I visited Love Shack in the heart of Hackney! The shack has a super chilled vibe, with live music and bean bags scattered around. I’m excited to visit again in summer because there’s a beautiful outdoor space filled with hammocks! If you’re going to take a visit, then I suggest the potato dough balls because they were epic!

Brad, our Creative Designer: I loved discovering a new crime documentary series called ‘24 Hours in Police Custody.’

I usually love watching documentaries on crime, so I’m surprised this program slipped my radar! The new series follows a gripping story of a young boy who is tragically murdered in the woods and the police have 24 hours to find enough evidence to hold a plausible murder conviction. I won’t tell you any spoilers, but I will say that I was incredibly shocked to find out who was convicted!

Lucy, our Marketing Intern: I visited Fire & Stone in Covent Garden

My boyfriend had wanted to visit this restaurant for a long time so we decided to go and see if it would live up to its expectations. As an avid pizza lover, I was thrilled with the many options I had to choose from but the best part about Fire & Stone is that all their pizzas are themed from around the world! I wanted to try something a little different, so I went for the Chinese peeking duck and hoisin sauce pizza! 

Ana, our Marketing Manager: I watched the new Louis Theroux series which started last night.

I am a massive fan of Louis Theroux and have watched all his previous documentaries over the years (Some may say I’m a super fan), so I was thrilled to watch his new series on Sunday! The highly thought-provoking documentary ‘Selling sex’ explores the legal side of providing sexual services, exploring whether selling sex can ever be a healthy way to make money. If you fancy catching up, you can watch the hour-long episode on BBC two.

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