The Sweet Team Takes Camp Ziggu

We asked our Sweet Team to give us the inside scoop on life at Ziggu Camp, home to all Glastonbury glampers and indeed to our seemingly endless supply of precious sweets. Here's what our girls had to say:
What was your overall Ziggu experience like? Give us a sense of the vibe!
Lily: The guests and staff were lovely as ever, and everyone was clearly buzzing to be there. The energy was totally contagious, and we met some great people!
Maya: Totally. We were wandering in and out of tents about every 10 minutes just to chat with the people there! Everyone was so friendly.

Describe a typical day at Ziggu Camp!
Maya: Get up at 7:30am, head straight to the showers, then to the hair and makeup tent, and finally to breakfast! Camp guests would then typically head over to the festival between 11am and 2pm.

Where were you staying exactly?
Lara: We stayed in the cutest little shed complete with bunk beds and fluffy duvets - ideal after a day of sweets and sun! Not to mention, the bathrooms and showers were nicer than most hotels I've been to!

What was the food like?
Sarah: We had the most delicious English breakfast every morning which included out-of-this-world veggie and vegan options, which were so kindly offered to us for free!

Sounds amazing! Any other fun freebies?
Lily: We couldn't say no to the glasses of bubbles given to us whilst in the hot tub. (And yes, there was an on-site hot tub!)

Tell us some highlights of your stay:
Sarah: The live music on Wednesday and Thursday night was definitely awesome!
Maya: The buckets full of makeup, skincare, and hairstyling products in the hair & makeup tent had me. It was a true beauty junkie's paradise.
Lara: On our last day, we filled a trolley with sweets and I hopped in to be wheeled around the campsite to fulfill everyone's sweet cravings!
Lily: I suppose you could say she was just along for the ride!

Any funny stories?
Maya: Hands down, the funniest part of our trip to Ziggu was filling a trolley with our Try Me bags and watching everyone fill their bags and hats with as many sweets as they could possibly carry. It was mayhem! I even saw one woman stuffing her bra with them. People go crazy for our sweets!

Thanks for sharing, guys! Till Candy Kittens X Glastonbury 2020!