The Lowdown from CKHQ


by Amy Dixon 23rd September, 2019


This week has been one of the biggest weeks of the year with the launch of our brand new flavour. So it's time to meet Tropical Mango, a moment of pure paradise in a sweet. 

We took to social over the weekend to get you guys guessing what we were announcing, and with quite a few correct ideas, on Wednesday we shared the new product on social! It's safe to say we already have had such an amazing response and we really can't wait for more and more of you to try! In fact, you can grab yourself a free bag with any vegan box right now on our website 🍬



This week also saw us heading down to a massive trade show here in London - Lunch! It’s a great opportunity to meet with other fab brand in the food-to-go industry. With so many amazing innovations on offer in food, drink and packaging, it’s the perfect place to network. Not to mention we ate our weight in delicious food 😅🍪

To top it all off, it was time for an office social at CKHQ. It hit 5pm on Thursday and we rounded everyone up and headed to Junkyard Golf. We split the office into 3 teams and took on some epic crazy golf on courses made from pre-loved junk. Think bathtubs, dodgems and scrapyard slides! It was epic!

Congratulations to Laura, Jack and Amy on their wins! As you can imagine they are very humble about it 🤣

The team is getting a bit big to fit in one picture... and no we aren't sure what the hand actions are all about either! 😂

Wishing you all a great week here at CKHQ!