The Lowdown From CKHQ

by Maddy de Winter 2nd September, 2019 

Last week was an exciting and busy one for us here at CKHQ. We had a team lunch, had the founders of BARÙ Chocolate come in for a talk, announced winning our Great Taste Award, launched in WHSmith high street stores, and got excited for Strictly Come Dancing!

With regards to our founder Jamie Laing going to be on Strictly Come Dancing... The suspense is killing us! We are all still super excited about his debut here at CKHQ. He's been so busy training and practicing dances that we only get teased with the occasional Instagram upload  or a sneak snippet into his training regime. We are so intrigued to see how he swaps strutting up the Kings Road on Made In Chelsea to Foxtrotting across our screens on Saturday nights on Strictly Come Dancing

Stay tuned for exclusive updates on how Jamie gets on in Strictly! 💃WATCH THIS SPACE!

We had the founders of BARÙ Chocolate, Maarten and Gunther, come to our office to chat to us about BARÙ and their new vegan product, Mallow Puffs! 🌱Mallow Puffs are a delicious marshmallow inner with a dark chocolate coating, they have both a salted caramel and a vanilla flavour. If you have tried them before you will know that they are beyond delicious and unbelievably addictive, and if you don't know already... Get to know! 

We lucked out massively as an office because Maarten and Gunther bought loads of their Mallow Puffs with them for us to try! We (naturally) swapped some of our Candy Kittens for their Mallow Puffs because it would've been to hard to see their delicious chocolates walk out of the door with them! Now we have Mallow Puffs coming out of our ears, and we couldn't be happier! Here are Maarten and Gunther with their delicious Vanilla and Salted Caramel Mallow Puffs. 

So, once a month at CKHQ we do a Team Lunch, it is prepared by a small team and last week it was Marketing!!! (obvs the best team, but we are biased 😉).

We decided to go with a Spanish theme, but we had to get creative with limited cooking facilities in the staff Kitchen. We had to feed the whole team and the owners of BARÙ Chocolate as well- no pressure! Our Marketing Manager, Georgina, made a Spanish Tortilla and our Marketing Executive, Amy, made a Chicken and Chorizo Paella the night before, at home. This meant minimal prep had to be done in the office Kitchen on team lunch day, and of course less interruption during work hours... 

We bought lots of olives, cured ham, Manchego cheese, bread and oils, and made a salad. We also thought we would up our game by making a drink to accompany our lunch. No Spanish lunch would be complete without SANGRIA now would it!? (virgin obvs)! See pic for details/for office lunch food envy.

And if you don't think that this delicious spread looks like much... trust me it is much harder than you think to make lunch for 18 people without a hob or oven when sticking to a budget!

Last week was big for announcements, as I'm sure you know, we announced that we won TWO stars for our sweets at the this year's Great Taste Awards. It's a big deal, we know. 👏🌟

But we were also very pleased with our launch of our 108g bags in WHSmith high street stores! We launched four of our delicious flavours: Sour Watermelon 🍉 Eton Mess 🍧 Blueberry Bliss 💙 and Wild Strawberry 🍓. They are now available from your nearest WHSmith! GO GO GO!