by Maddy de Winter 16th September, 2019

It has been another exciting and busy week here at CKHQ. We attended the ASDA Innovation Awards, had our Come Dine With Me team lunch and have been prepping for a BIG BIG BIG announcement that is happening this week! 

So last week we were fortunate enough to be nominated for an ASDA innovation award within the “Treats and Snacks” category! Emma, Georgina and Jack attended the awards and represented Candy Kittens and the Black Tie event. 

It was a super tough category to be a part of but we are so pleased to be have been nominated amongst so many other amazing brands. Congratulations to all of those who won an award at the event - we love love love being part of such a forward thinking category!

We also may not have won an award but the team did get to sit next to the amazing guest speaker Sally Phillips - yes THE Sally Phillips. Infamous for being in the Bridget Jones' Diary films and Miranda and much more - it is fair to say that the Team were over the moon to be sitting with her all evening. 

We also have been prepping all of last week for our BIG announcement that is happening THIS WEDNESDAY. We have been planning something very exiting for a long while and have been struggling to keep this news under-wrapped! We are so so excited for you all to find out what we have been working on and having to keep secret for so long! Watch this space, and keep an eye on out Instagram on Wednesday for the big reveal! 🍓🍉🍑🍇🍏🍋


We also had our monthly team Come Dine With Me lunch in the office on Friday! Our 'Come Dine With Me' lunches are based on the Channel 4 show, whereby each month a new team cooks and hosts lunch for the rest of the team and gets scored on performance. Points are scored for food, hosting and entertainment. Last week Emily and Dan, from our field sales team, and myself were tasked with hosting the lunch. Our theme was 'last of the summer BBQ'. The weather in the last couple of weeks has begun to turn a little but this weekend proved that we're still very much holding onto summer - so we thought it a perfect theme! We barbequed sausages and chicken skewers (around the side of our office building - risky I know) and had all the usual accompaniments for a BBQ. For entertainment we did a group quiz game called scattergories which spurred much competition between the team 😉. 


All in all, a very exciting and varied week at CKHQ!