By Lucy Legret

Here at CKHQ, we're taking you all on a trip down memory lane! Throwback Thursday has been happening right here on our blogs EVERY week. We have chatted to our founders, Jamie Laing and Ed Williams about the growth and development of the Candy Kittens brand over the space of 9 episodes. 

For this week’s final episode, we discuss the weird and wonderful activities going on at CKHQ. From fitness to food, there’s never a dull moment at Candy Kittens!

Hey guys. How are you? Are you looking forward to our CKHQ Christmas party today?

Ed: Of course! I think the whole team is super excited. Especially Jamie!

Jamie: Yes! I think I’m the most excited out of everyone. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to eat a massive Christmas dinner? 

Ed: And don’t forget all the party games we are playing after!

Jamie: Sorry, how could I forget that?!

Sounds like you and the team have lots of fun at CKHQ?

Ed: Yeah totally! We like to have fun in the office (as well as working hard obviously). Our team’s super friendly and close to one another. We always try to socialise with each other as much as possible!

Jamie: Yeah, it’s like on Monday for instance, when we had a Christmas movie night in the office! We voted to watch Elf and we bought lots of snacks to watch with it. It was really sweet.

So what’s been your favourite social event you’ve done at CKHQ?

Ed: We used to do ‘Work Out Wednesdays’ which was always such a laugh! I really enjoyed doing that. At lunchtime, we would get the whole team out of the office, and down to our local park for a fun workout.

Jamie: We weren’t the ones leading the exercise class though! We had a personal trainer come in to help kick us all into shape.

Ed: We had to do loads of silly challenges, like that one time we all had to do an assault course blindfolded. Safe to say we weren’t very good! 

Jamie: Haha. Yes, I’m pretty sure I kept bumping into people and falling over. I was much better at the handstand races…

Ed: Yeah we were all pretty rubbish but we always had a good laugh giving it a go. The team used to love being able to get out of the office. We are thinking of starting the club up again soon.

Oh no, why did it stop?

Jamie: Our personal trainer, John, moved to Australia. We were totally gutted when we had to stop it. But it’s okay because we have replaced ‘Work out Wednesdays’ with ‘Friday chicken club’! 

Ed: Every Friday we make a massive chicken feast for the team to tuck into at lunchtime. It’s epic!

That sounds delicious. So it seems like you get up to a lot of fun things at CKHQ! I bet it’s an amazing place to work.

So that concludes the final episode, completing our Throwback Thursday blog series! It’s been so interesting getting to know more about the beginnings of the business and all the funny stories that you’ve shared with us along the way. Thank you Ed and Jamie!

Ed: You’re welcome! I’ve felt so nostalgic reminiscing over our Candy Kitten’s journey.

Jamie: Yeah I’ve really enjoyed looking back at the past. Its made me reflect on how far we have come and I love that.

Ed: Yeah, it’s the perfect way to set off the new year, onwards and upwards in 2020!