Here at CKHQwe're taking you all on a trip down memory lane! Throwback Thursday happens right here on our blogs EVERY week. We will be chatting to our founders, Jamie Laingand Ed Williams about the growth and development of the Candy Kittens brand!  

Stay tuned WEEKLY for unknown facts, some hilarious stories, and an insight into life at Candy Kittens! 


Hey guys, how are you doing? 

Jamie: I’m doing great thanks! I’m off on holiday next week so definitely starting to relax a little and can’t wait to jump on the plane to Mexico!

Ed: I wish I was coming with you for a bit of winter sun haha! But I’m also very well thanks, I’ve had a very busy week at CKHQ, but have been loving spending my evenings with my new puppy Griff.

We are all very jealous of the amount of puppy cuddles you must be getting at the moment Ed, you definitely need to bring Griff into the office more often! 

Jamie: We can make him the new Candy Kittens mascot and dress him up in little jumpers and get pictures of him doing tricks next to our sweets!

Sounds like a plan...So this week we wanted to find out more about life before Candy Kittens. What were you guys both up to before starting the company?

Ed: Well I was doing something a little different and not sweet related at all. I’ve always had a bit of an entrepreneurial streak in me and I was actually running my own brand and marketing company. It was a very different world but it definitely taught me a lot about setting up a business and brand from scratch which was really useful in building Candy Kittens. How about you Jamie?

Jamie: I had actually just finished studying. I had spent the last three years at Leeds University reading Theatre and Performance. I had a really great time, but probably partied a little too hard and didn’t study as much as I should have! But that’s uni life right? Haha!

Ed: Yeah we were both very young when we were first introduced and fairly fresh into the working world!

Jamie: After graduating I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I had always had this dream of owning my own company making sweets. I had no idea where to start though so I asked all my friends if they knew of anyone who was used to starting up a business and knew the ins and outs better than I did.

Ed: And that’s when we met! Through a mutual friend. Jamie and I got chatting and he explained his concept to me, I thought it was an incredible idea and 7 years down the line here we are!

Jamie: It’s mad to think how young we were when we started up Candy Kittens, and it just goes to show it doesn’t matter what you choose to study or do in life to achieve your dreams. As long as you have a passion that you’re committed to and a great business partner like Ed, you can achieve anything!

Ed: Thanks Jamie, and you’re totally right, it’s all about learning along the way and being brave enough to take the plunge. 

Thanks for chatting with us today! It’s definitely been very inspiring to hear about your backgrounds and how you came together to form Candy Kittens. We’re already excited for next week’s episode of TBT to find out more inside info!