Here at CKHQ, we're taking you all on a trip down memory lane! Throwback Thursday happens right here on our blogs EVERY week. We will be chatting to our founders, Jamie Laing, and Ed Williams about the growth and development of the Candy Kittens brand!  

Stay tuned WEEKLY for unknown facts, some hilarious stories, and an insight into life at Candy Kittens! 


Hey Jamie and Ed, how’s your week been so far? 

Ed: It’s been pretty busy at CKHQ! We’ve been doing lots of prep getting ready for Christmas and making sure all of our gifting has gone out. It's been a bit like Santa's workshop in the office!

Jamie: I have to admit, I know I probably said this last year but our 2019 Christmas range is pretty epic so make sure you grab yourself an advent calendar!

Ed: And there’s even two sweets behind every door so it’s perfect for sharing...

Jamie: Or just have both like I will be haha!

We don’t blame you Jamie! So this week we wanted to have a chat about the first ever Candy Kittens bag design. We all know and love the current polka dot bags with the cat face design but where did it all start?

Ed: Our original concept for our design was to be everything that Haribo wasn’t. 

Jamie: Exactly, we wanted to stand out and go against the grain. Although we love strong bold colours now, we wanted to start out sleek and unique.

Ed: So our initial design started out as a simplistic white bag. We decided we wanted to strip out all the colour and keep it simplistic.

Jamie: But we did have a splash of colour on our bags with our old design. We had our hot pink cat face logo on the front of our packaging as well as our traditional Candy Kittens branding. 

Ed: We also had a transparent strip across the front of the bags which inspired our transparent cat face window that we have on our current bags.

Jamie: Yeah we really like the fact people could always see our sweets and could visibly understand and see what they were buying because our sweets don’t just taste good, they look good too, and people always buy with their eyes.

Ed: I think ultimately we wanted to look gourmet, sleek and iconic and Candy Kittens is always evolving and developing, but I think we have become a really recognisable brand now. Our sweets stand out on shelves and hold their own amongst other confectionary.

Jamie: I couldn’t agree more Ed, and I love looking at how we’ve grown as a  brand. Looking back at our old designs is amazing, and you can really see how far we’ve come. It’s going to be odd in 5 years time I’m sure we’ll say the same again as we continue to develop as a company!

Well we can't wait to see the next phase of the Candy Kittens journey!