Here at CKHQ, we're taking you all on a trip down memory lane! Throwback Thursday happens right here on our blogs EVERY week. We will be chatting to our founders, Jamie Laing and Ed Williams about the growth and development of the Candy Kittens brand!  

Stay tuned WEEKLY for unknown facts, some hilarious stories, and an insight into life at Candy Kittens! 

Setting up a company from scratch must have had its difficulties… We were wondering, what’s the BEST piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Jamie: Ohh that’s a really tough question...

Ed:  Yeah it is, and we’ve been lucky enough to have had lots of useful tips and tricks shared with us along the way.

Jamie:  We’ve definitely learnt a lot over the years, but I think the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is that saying NO is just as important as saying yes. 

Ed: Definitely. It’s so easy to want to please everyone and jump at every opportunity, but actually, if something doesn’t feel right you have to trust your intuition.

Jamie: Intuition is your best friend that’s for sure. 

Ed: You can’t do everything and you have to be prepared to say no, whether it’s to a retailer or another brand, it’s important to stay true to who you are as a company.

Jamie: I totally agree with you Ed. I also think another really key piece of advice is that you have to work hard. Success isn’t always about being the most clever, the most creative or having the most money- it’s about who’s willing to work the hardest.

Ed: Exactly! Put in the hard graft and you’ll get there.

Jamie: And if you need a snack to power through the hard work, you’ve always got Candy Kittens to get you through haha!