by Maddy de Winter, 24th October 2019 


So here at CKHQ we're taking you all on a trip down memory lane with us! Throwback Thursday happens right here on our blogs EVERY Thursday! We will be chatting to the founders, Jamie Laing and Ed Williams about the growth and development of the Candy Kittens brand! 

Stay tuned WEEKLY for unknown facts, some hilarious stories and an insight into Candy Kittens! 

What was the inspiration behind Candy Kittens?

J: Hahaha well... So when I was a kid, I was super scared of the dark when I went to bed and I used to really struggle to sleep. So to help me, my brother would make up stories for me! The stories revolved around me being in a Candy World with everything made from candy. I used to dream of this Candy World and having a land filled with sweets that I would be surrounded by all the time (any kids dream right)!? So then, when I knew that I wanted to start my own business I knew it just had to involve candy!

E: Jamie had the brand name and the idea for it to revolve around sweets, but he hadn't finalised the whole concept yet. So together we worked together to make Candy Kittens what it is today. Initially we sold merchandise and other brands of sweets to get the ball rolling, but I knew the brand needed to be our own with our own gourmet product. With Jamie's candy dream and my background in branding we put our heads together, and well here we are (laughs)!

J: Yeah in 2012 was when we kicked it all off and we decided that it was time someone stood up and challenged the big brands in the confectionery industry. A lot of people thought we were crazy (sometimes they still do!) but we spent the next 18 months developing that idea to deliver an innovative, relevant sweet for modern consumers!

E: Since day one we have put creativity at the core of our business. Whilst that might be easy to say, I really do believe we’ve made it happen. We are proud to offer a range that stands out from the crowd and tastes just as good as it looks.

J: We definitely think more like a fashion company than a food company and exist to make sweets for the future!

E: All great things started with people stepping out of their comfort zone and now it’s our turn to do the same. So here we are!