by Maddy de Winter, 17th October 2019

So here at CKHQ we're taking you all on a trip down memory lane with us! Throwback Thursday happens right here on our blogs EVERY Thursday! We will be chatting to the founders, Jamie Laing and Ed Williams about the growth and development of the Candy Kittens brand! 

Stay tuned WEEKLY for unknown facts, some hilarious stories and an insight into Candy Kittens! 

What was your first flavour and product at Candy Kittens?

Ed: So we didn't actually have any Candy Kittens sweets as our first product when we launched, we were initially just selling branded merchandise to get the ball rolling.

Jamie: But our first ever 'actual' flavour of sweets was Apple & Elderflower. But sadly we don't do that one anymore. 

Ed: I do hope that maybe we will bring it back one day, because it was one of my favourites out of the discontinued range. 

Jamie what is, or has been, your favourite flavour? 

Jamie: Uhhhhh, it's so hard when people ask me this question... I just can't pick my favourite flavour, they're all like my children, and you can't pick your favourite child! 

Ed: Jamie can never choose! (laughs) 

Jamie: We've had loads of really cool flavours since we've started, how do you expect me to choose!? 

What other flavours have you had that you don't have now? 

Ed: So we've had Peaches & Cream, that was one of the early flavours, along with Apple & Elderflower. Eton Mess and Sour Watermelon are two flavours that we still have today! They are a firm favourite!

Jamie: Ooo don't forget the Sweet Pineapple!

Ed: Yeah so we've had Sweet Pineapple, Lemon Sherbet, and we had our Sour Apple Hello Kitty collab! So quite a few varieties of flavours over the years. 

You can see Jamie's Instagram post with the old flavours here!  

Love CKHQ xxx