Say Hey To: Tobin and Pippa

This summer here at Candy Kittens we have two new Interns with us: Tobin, our Marketing Intern, and Pippa, our Social Media Intern.


As a Marketing Intern, my job is to help set up and assess marketing events and strategies here at CKHQ working with the marketing team. I've also been tasked with the endless job of making sure the sweet shelf stays stocked up. Because obviously we can't be a successful sweet company if we're not fully stocked up on sweets ourselves! (thanks Hayley!) I have also been involved with the sampling events we've been putting on. The biggest one I was involved with while I was here was Wimbledon. Followed by the Station sampling morning. It wasn't all marketing though. For my third week out of five, the sales team had me going around London visiting independent stockists with our Neighbourhood Hero, Jess.  From helping out with new designs to putting forward new charity deals, as well as everyday help around the office, I can truly say I've loved every day here at CKHQ. Seeing how a business is run right from the heart is like nothing else! Especially listening to everyone shout across the office to each other to ask for an opinion. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming, making me feel like a part of the team! It sounds very generic, but it's not your generic office, it's way better! With just one week to come, it'll be sad to say goodbye to quite possibly the most fun time i'll ever spend in an office, filled with such radical thinking creatives who are changing the game!  


As a Social Intern, my role is to assist the Marketing team with all things digital. I've only been here one week but the tasks have already been so varied and enjoyable, and I've really appreciated the responsibility given. I get to co ordinate and plan the upcoming social media posts, analyse what's doing well on social thanks to training on various programmes (which has been so helpful and I'm sure will be an invaluable skill in the future!), write blog posts for the Candy Kittens site, keep the Instagram stories up to date, and more. It's a great place to work too, it has a really relaxed, fun and young atmosphere, and it's great that you can put forward any of your own ideas, even being "just" an intern. Not to mention me and Tobin's Instagram takeover which was a lot of fun to do- despite the dare Ugly Drinks sent us which was to fit as many sour sweets in our mouths as possible. We just about managed 13 (don't try this at home, kids).  


If you're interested in joining our team as an intern, you can find out more information and apply here!