Say Hey To: Summer Styles ☀️

Summer holidays are coming at us left, right, and centre, giving us the perfect excuse to splurge online (yet again, oops?‍♀️) and revamp that wardrobe! Seeing as we can’t spend every day on the sofa in our cosy PJs and unicorn slippers (if only!), us at Candy Kittens, with a little help from our Sweet Squad, have got your back this summer with our top 3 holiday trends to keep you slayin’ all summer long.

1) Picnic Chic

Need an accessory to store your bikini for a beach trip with the girls? Grab a big straw tote. Need a bag to keep you looking fresh around the city streets? Pop your Oyster card in your round straw bag. Got a picnic date in the park and you need a bag to store both your daily essentials and those extra sausage rolls? Get your straw picnic basket out. Whatever the occasion, a straw bag is the answer. The neutral tone of the straw bag means it really does pair with every outfit. So put away those unexciting black shoulder bags because straw is definitely a trend that is here to stay.


2) Polka Dots

It's not just us who are going dotty for this fun trend (Candy Kittens packets count as an accessory, right?), we've spotted polka dot everything all over the catwalks and high street. It's a classic pattern that you can incorporate in subtly with a hair scarf for a touch of fun, or combine it with the co-ord AND formal wear trend and go for a full out polka dot suit for a chic ensemble for those summer nights (opt for a white base to bring that tan out- you didn’t spend hours on the beach working on it for nothing!)


3) Bright is Right

This season it's time to start taking fashion inspo from your trusty pack of primary school Stabilo highlighters. Anything bright is having a major moment (particularly yellow!) and this bold trend is a must for any exotic holiday packing list.  So whack on that bright yellow maxi dress that channels the sun and you’ll be winning this summer. If it's good enough for North, it’s good enough for us!

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