Say Hey To: Regrettable 2000s Trends

It's the morning after a big one, you and your friends are sat around in dressing gowns with a tea feeling a bit worse for wear, and to put a long story short: You all end up stalking back to 2007 on your Facebook. BIG MISTAKE. Littered amongst your horrendous song lyric status updates are some of the worst outfits you've ever seen (featured in a Facebook photoshoot on your neighbours car, of course). We've put together a list of some of the most regrettable trends that we grew up with to remind you to never even consider wearing these ever again.  

Dresses over jeans

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! We finally have the answer to those days when you're trying on just about everything in your wardrobe and can't decide whether to wear a dress or jeans- Just chuck them both on! Thank you to the equally indecisive 2000s stylists for coming up with an answer we never even considered. (Just joking. This literally looks like you've got dressed in the dark- and when has that ever been a good thing?)  

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Ugg boots (almost always the fake ones, let's be real)

Our school banned these. It was the next biggest tragedy after the dreaded banning of the Tamagotchi. Yet we'd all fight back and tell our teachers that they were essential in the winter months, when the reality was that we just wanted to look really cool in our school uniform in front of our friends with our damp fluffy brown boots that hit your leg at an awkward length. They were even paired with mini skirts in the early 2000s (only for the very weather confused).  

[Image result for uggs mini skirt


Shutter shades (straight out of Camden Market)

This year people have had a LOT to say about Yeezys. All I can say is that I am more than happy for Kanye to keep putting out his futuristic looking trainers in exchange for him NEVER making these a thing ever again.  

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Kanye not?  

Boot cut/ flared jeans

Now I have a horrendous memory, but I specifically remember the day my Mum brought me home my first pair of skinny jeans. I was horrified. What is this claustrophobic material gripping to my legs for dear life???? Can I even walk in these???? Will my poor knees ever bend again??? I told her to take them back immediately. When I look back now, all I can say is credit to you Mum, it was 2005 and you were ahead of the trends and fighting back against all that dreadful flared denim, if only you'd been more persistent.  

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Paul's Boutique bags

Equipped with the tackiest of tacky charms going, of course.  

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Those thin headbands that were only ever worn across the forehead

These just aren't fashionable, and they're far from functional. They're a good few inches away from the hair that said hairband is meant to keep off your face. Not to mention the red mark they left behind across your forehead. Just why?  


Honorable mention to Hollister

Who didn't save all their pocket money to buy yet ANOTHER blue and white check HCO shirt that looked a bit like the one you bought last month, just with bigger checks? That bird logo was a stamp of royalty. And to top it off, you got the all important paper bag covered in topless men straight off their Californian surfboards- the ultimate P.E. kit bag.

It's clearly working: Hollister opened its first British store in 2008. It now has 22 UK outlets, with more to come, much to the delight off its teenage fans Smiles that can only come from taking a photo with a six packed sales assistant[

Ashley Tisdale

No one can possibly deny this girl her own category. The photos speak for themselves..