Say Hey To: Pippa's Last Day

Candy Day

I can't do a highlights and not mention Candy Day! On my 6th day here I got to celebrate 6 years of Candy Kittens! We had the best time doing ridiculous scavenger hunt challenges on the hottest day of the year, and then setting up the office for a party that night ft beer pong, endless snacks, a gin station and a huge pizza truck (to name just a few of the best bits)-not a bad start to my internship!

As uncomfortable as it looks

Some very confused (but happy?) tourists

A well deserved G&T after a day of organised fun.

Manchester Sampling (and samplings in general)

The other week I got to go up to Manchester and set up for a day in the Selfridges food court! There's nothing better than giving out free sweets- everyone's always so happy to receive them! Samplings were great fun all around, and I particularly loved making all the TFL staff's morning at Waterloo with endless sweets!

Waterloo sampling!

Game Changers Shoot

Game Changers is a project we work on that showcases some amazing women doing great and different things, and I was lucky enough to get to go to the video shoot of Stemettes with actual child genius Anne Marie Imafidon. It was great to watch the BTS of a shoot- especially because she was so much fun and such an intense CK super fan!



I honestly feel like I've been through an 8 week sugar rush (and I'm totally ok with it). I have snacked on more this summer then I have my previous 21 years combined- and I think we survived all of 3 minutes when we got rid of the snack box last week before going out to buy more. Being surrounded by like minded snackers is something I'll truly miss.


I've really enjoyed all my work here, and it's been eye opening to see what goes on behind the scenes in a young brand like this! One of my favourite aspects of my work here has been being able to write about absolutely anything I fancied on the Candy Kittens blog! There's nothing more fun then writing up about Ashley Tisdale's questionable clothing choices circa 2007...  

Field Sales Day

I got to branch out of the digital world for a moment and spend the day with Jess (who does Field Sales) and we did an Instagram takeover on stories. We had loads of fun running around stores in central London (with a quick stop at the Magnum cafe on the way, never a bad decision).

The Team and General Office Life

The team have honestly been the biggest highlight of my time here! Everyone has been so great, and the vibe is definitely not one of your every day office- it's way better! I've learnt a tonne on the work side, and still had fun at the same time thanks to them. A HUGE thank you to all of you!   To round up this post, here are 4 lessons learnt from my time here:
  1. If someone (Max) puts a snack on your desk, you're going to end up eating it, even when you honestly don't want it at all
  2. No one knows you're deleting the songs you don't rate off the Sonos queue daily if you're subtle enough (Sorry Jess Glynne, Bastille, T Swizzle and any other artists who have been affected)
  3. Darude- Sandstorm sounds even better through speakers with glowsticks
  4. Who knew the opportunity to drive about London in a van could provoke such pure excitement
  5. My hidden talent is selective listening, and I'm an absolute professional at it