by Maddy de Winter, 9th October 2019
Say hey to Kitty, our new Social Media Executive! Kitty joined Candy Kittens HQ about 3 and a half weeks ago and she's definitely hit the ground running at a very exciting and busy time for Candy Kittens!

What is the best part about working for Candy Kittens so far?

So far I’ve absolutely loved being at Candy Kittens. Everyone in the team has been so welcoming and friendly and I feel like I’ve worked here for a year not a month! The team are all so supportive and creative. It’s a great environment to be a part of. 

Describe a day in the life.

  • Wake up 6:30 and have a STRONG coffee
  • Be in the gym by 7:10
  • Train between 7:10-8:20
  • Get to work for 9 and have a big bowl of oats before work
  • 9-5.30 - do all things social media at CKHQ
  • 5:30 leave work and walk home
  • 6-10 chill out watching the Great British Bake Off and chatting with my flat mates, cook a nice dinner and unwind.

What is the best part of your role?

I love how fast paced the role is, we’re always doing something completely different, creating new content and it never feels repetitive or dull. I get to be creative and play with Social Media - what’s not to love?

Which upcoming Candy Kittens event are you most looking forward to?

Doughnut Time! Need I say more… vegan doughnuts + candy kittens.

Favourite flavour?!

Sour Watermelon always

Tell us a fun fact about you!

I got to grade 8 in ballet