Say Hey To: Jess’ Last Day

Today is my final day at Candy Kittens! I have had the most amazing summer doing 3 months of field sales all around London. These are just a few of my highlights….

1. Candy Day

Candy Kittens’ 6th birthday was a definite highlight of my time here. Activities around London in the day and a party at night- what more could you ask for!

2. Wimbledon Sampling

I really enjoyed making people smile as they were on their way to watch tennis! Who doesn’t love being handed, free sweets?!

 3. Step Count

Hitting at least 20,000 steps a day means I didn’t even have to step foot in the gym at the end of it. It’s a win-win!

4. Site seeing whilst on the job

There aren’t many jobs where you get to see all the best sites all over London as you do it! Especially combined with selling lots of sweets and keeping so many customers happy!


The team at Candy Kittens are the biggest highlight of this internship. They’re an amazing bunch of talented and skilled people who really made me feel like part of the family! Thanks, everyone