Say Hey To: International Friends Day

Can we all just admit that a night in is better than a big night out?! There's no hassle over your outfit, you can ditch the streaky fake tan, the following day doesn't become a total write off, and most importantly: you don't even have to get off the sofa and leave the house. So get a group of your best girlfriends together and celebrate International Day of Friendship the way us girls do best.  

Tunes ?

It’s finally time to put all that hairbrush singing in front of the mirror that we know you do to good use! So put the tunes on, get the fairy lights out to turn your living room in to a club and dance the night away. We've even put together a playlist on the Candy Kittens YouTube channel of the essential girls night anthems so your queue will never run low (you’re welcome ?):

sassy beyonce GIF  

Girls Night Essentials Playlist

Snacks, snacks and MORE snacks??

What’s a girls night in without a bit of a sugar rush!? Stock up on all your favourite sweets and snacks (endless guacamole, please) and treat yo’self! To make it even more fun, get each person to make or bake a surprise snack and bring it with them. Oh, and don’t forget the drinks! (do we even need to say that). If you didn't do a "cheers" boomerang did you even have a girls night???


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Nailed it ?

Those designer bags under your eyes have got to go! Everybody needs a bit of a pamper from time to time, so grab all the essentials: DIY face mask ingredients, pore strips, nail varnish for the perfect mani, the whole lot, and give yourselves the good bit of me-time that you definitely deserve!

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You CAN sit with us ??

After all that dancing, the sofa is most definitely calling. Chick flicks and rom coms were literally made for nights in like this. Grab your cosiest dressing gown and fluffy slippers and snuggle up with a classic (think Mean Girls, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, the list goes on…).

We think so too, Gretchen..