Say Hey To: Freshers Fashion

Moving in Day & Registration

Comfort is KEY here. Trust me, you're going to be cramped up in your Mum's car with bags of god knows what taking up all of your personal space. You'll then have to move all of said endless (and mostly unnecessary) stuff you've dragged with you to Uni up far too many flights of stairs, dodging your new flatmates who for some reason have brought their entire extended family with them. However, don't forget that move in day also means that at some point you'll have to turn up at registration, ready and prepared to take the photo that's going to be stuck with you on your student card for the next 3+ years. So with this in mind, keep it comfy yet cool, especially because more than likely when your parents finally leave, you'll be thrown straight in to pres with your future best friends, so it's time to make a good first impression (before freshers week takes it away from you again).


First Night Out (the one that doesn't involve a toga made out of a Primark bed sheet)

It's time to go "out out", and the "jeans and a nice top" look has never been so relevant. And what about those 6 pairs of heels your brought with you? Sorry to say but they're going to be gathering up a lot of dust over first year. Any nice shoes are wasted on a student club, so get yourself some trainers that will soon become your designated night out only trainers, and prepare yourself to complain every week about how you had to use all the force you've got to unglue the soles from the questionably sticky S.U. club floor.  


The Hangover

I'm telling you now, there won't be few, and definitely not far between. There is no better bonding moment than the morning after a night out, slumped in the room of one of these people you've hardly known a week, talking about what on earth you got up to the night before (does anyone even know?) and trying to work out if your friend's drunk text to the group chat was even written in English. Get the pizza order in, the fluffy blankets out, and snuggle up around someone's laptop for the day (don't fret, you'll quickly get used to the no TV life). As far as the fashion choices go, you're going to need the world's comfiest lounge wear and a lot of it, and definitely don't forget the slippers or the fluffy socks.  


First Lecture (Lectures??? We didn't come to uni for this???)

Your first lecture will roll around quicker than you expect, and there's a 98% chance you'll already be plagued with the dreaded freshers flu. You're going to need layers, and lots of them. Don't be afraid to embrace the active wear trend too, no one likes a try hard in the lecture hall. And don't forget a large tote bag to fit your laptop and slick new stationary in (Candy Kittens pen, anyone?).