Say Hey To: Anna Toman

 What's your morning routine before a big game?

I often have the same food in my prep before the game; this normally consists of either porridge with fruit or my favourite which is banana and peanut butter on toast. I can't get enough of peanut butter! When we’re away at a competition, I like to have a bit of downtime to relax before a match so I will normally just lie down on my bed and listen to some chilled out music. Then to wake me up a bit, after I have got all my match kit on I have good sing and dance with my roommate which is always fun! Her dance moves feature heavily on my Instagram when we are away. 

What’s on your 'getting ready' playlist?

I don't have a specific playlist that I listen to all the time. I get a little bit bored of listening to the same songs again and again, particularly when it is a long tournament. I do however always make sure I listen to a variety of new songs and some golden oldies!

Do you have a team nickname?

From a young age, all my hockey teammates have always just called me 'Toman'. Not very creative but I don't know anyone with the same name so it will never cause confusion.

If you could choose one celebrity to put on your team, who wasn't a hockey player, who would it be?

I would choose Jessica Ennis. She has always been a huge inspiration to me growing up because she is such a determined competitor. I reckon with her variety of skills as well she may be pretty handy with a stick in her hand.

What luxury would you have on your desert island?

If I had my serious hat on it would have to be an item that is a necessity like water, a knife, matches or even a phone, that would come in pretty handy I'm sure. However, I would probably rather have my dog. She could go out hunting for me and most importantly keep me company. 

What's your favourite Candy Kittens flavour?

Sour Watermelon. I am yet to try the new Eton Mess flavour so that could also be a strong contender seeing as its one of my favourite desserts…

If you could give a teenage you any advice, what would it be?

To dream big, but that your journey is never going to be a smooth one and that it is okay to fail at things through life. I have experienced many ups and down already and I’m still young. I think it’s important to remember not everything is going to be handed to you and you will experience bumps in the road but that’s normal. Most importantly, enjoy whatever it is you are doing!

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