Say Hey to Amy

Say Hey to Amy, our new Marketing Exec!

Freshly graduated from the University of Manchester, Amy strolled into the office last Monday just in time to prepare for Taste of London, one of our favourite events of the summer. While she's been here just one week, we sat down with Amy to get the scoop on her time here so far. Here's what she had to say. 

What is the best part about working for Candy Kittens?
Everyone has been so friendly! In just a week there have been some amazing opportunities to attend events and network with other people in the food industry - and all the free goodies are a perk as well!

Describe a day in the life.
My first week in has been a bit crazy, as we’ve been at Taste of London, so mornings have consisted of organising our sweet team, while heading up to the event in the afternoons to set up and prepare our stand so it looks amazing!

What is the best aspect of your role?

Getting to work with a brand that I love and letting my creativity go wild! Having a start-up mentality means that I can really make my ideas reality - the sky is the limit!

What’s your favourite flavour?
Peach Fizz! It reminds me of a peach flavoured sweet I used to have in my childhood - but with a little hint of booze! But let’s be honest - each time I eat another flavour, I’m tempted to change my mind!

Which upcoming Candy Kittens event are you most looking forward to?
Wimbledon sampling is my project so I’m excited to see it all come together but also experience the buzz that is Wimbledon. Also - I get to drive the van!

Tell us a fun fact about you!
I slept the whole way through a Justin Timberlake concert… I was 3 years old!