Our new gelatine free recipe

The start of 2018 has seen Candy Kittens, the London-based gourmet sweet company, announce a gelatine free range that’s accessible to an ever-increasing audience of conscious consumers.

Since the launch of Candy Kittens in 2012, they’ve had one goal: Make Candy Cool. This has led to Candy Kittens being one of the most relevant brands in the confectionery market, with a huge social following and impressive sales figures for an independent business.

Although the category has seen a slight drop in volume, there’s been an increase in the amount that Brits are spending on confectionery. Premium brands across the board are succeeding, with the average brit spending over £12.00 a day on ‘luxury items’.** Emma Teasdale, Head of Sales at Candy Kittens, believes that the increase in value is driven by shoppers making more considered purchases.

To fit with a developing, millennial audience, Candy Kittens is designed to sit in the ‘premium’ sweet segment. The brand defines their product as  ‘Gourmet Sweets’; from the ingredients through to the packaging, they believe there’s nothing else on the shelf that compares.

“When we launched we saw that there was a big gap in the market for a modern, fashionable sweet.” Ed Williams, Managing Director (MD) says, “five years on we’re now seeing consumers move towards making more ethical and conscious decisions. Just like the fashion brands that we draw inspiration from, at Candy Kittens we want to constantly evolve with our customers, and push the boundaries to take on the biggest players in the category.”

The new range will see upgraded, premium packaging whilst maintaining their unique single flavour strategy. The new gelatine free recipe shows a true commitment to staying relevant in today’s market. The partnership with confectionery giants, Katjes Fassin, has allowed Candy Kittens to develop the fantastic new range, that retains the same USPs that have always been important to the brand: gluten free, no artificial flavours and no artificial colours, whilst increasing the percentage of fruit juices across the range.

The brand’s transition to gelatine free has opened the door for the fast growing vegan market. From 2006 to 2016 the UK’s vegan community rose by 360%, and plant based food sales increased by 1,500% in 2016 alone. By creating a recipe that can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans, Candy Kittens are ensuring they stay relevant for an ever changing audience.