London's Best Rooftop Bars for Summer 2019

by Tamara Southward  30 July, 2019

I’m sure we don’t need to remind you that the sun is out in London. 

Following last week’s heat wave, the struggle between wanting to cool down whilst also enjoying the sunshine is very real. This is where rooftop bars become somewhat of a lifesaver: little havens above the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can escape the not-so-appealing combination of sun and smog, and just focus on the sun. Because let’s face it - who in the world is refusing a refreshing tipple in the sky in London’s chicest social spots? Here is a list of some of our favourites.

Jin Bo Law

Located on the top floor of the Dorsett City Hotel in Aldgate, this sky bar boasts views of the city’s most iconic skyscrapers and has become well-known for hosting events from masterclasses to glamorous DJ sets. Not to mention, they offer what can only be described as the coolest cocktails in town, from the Ume Spritz that mixes plum wine with peach bitters and chamomile spiced honey, to the Gorilla Fashion, complete with angostura, orange bitters, blossom honey, cacao and vanilla pods, and Monkey Shoulder whisky. Try to tell us you’re not intrigued. 


Alto by San Carlo

We all know Selfridges as a gem in itself, but above this home to luxury delights sits possibly one of the most exquisite spots in the city, where you can accompany your Trebbiano d’Abruzzo with truffle burrata, calzone, gelato and more. (Or does the drink accompany the food? We’re not even sure anymore). This spot in the sky quite literally feels like sitting in an elegant Italian garden, and we cannot sing its praises enough. Besides, on the rare occasion that we don’t have a bag of Peach Fizz with us, the Bellini makes us feel that much more at home. We tend to be nostalgic like that. And PS - it’s open for breakfast!


Pergola on the Roof

Dubbed the "highest class food court in town" by The Sunday Times - and also perhaps just the highest, Pergola is the place to be for friends getting together and instagrammers alike. With both Paddington and Olympia locations constantly buzzing with young Londoners, its hard to imagine that these spaces were once shabby and uninhabited. We can't get enough of the atmosphere as a whole, and know Pergola as the perfect spot to unwind after work. Of course, the Saturday bottomless bubbles and unlimited Aperol make both sky bars the places to be on weekends and weekdays alike, so grab some pals and join the scene!


Upper 5th Shoreditch

Officially Upper 5th Shoreditch at the Courthouse Hotel, this rooftop's twinkling views of Canary Wharf, swanky DJ sets and unique cocktails (don't miss out on the local gin!) will not disappoint. Not to mention, the bar is physically located on top of Shoreditch's old magistrates' building, prompting The Nudge to joke that "you'll literally be above the law." Oh, and make sure to order the Summer Thyme and the Dumbo Treat at least once. Heaven on (top of the) Earth!


Flight Club Victoria