How to Survive Your First Festival

by Tamara Southward  24 June 2019


It’s officially festival season, people. With the countdown to Glastonbury having shifted from weeks to days to hours, we thought now would be the perfect time to send you off to your next music fest with a list on How To Survive Your First Festival. (Or second, or seventeenth. Our tips are for all of you flower crown-wearing folk who are soon to enter an alternate universe where nothing matters but the music, and where you will undoubtedly make best friends during a Miley Cyrus act who you may or may not ever see again). Ah, festivals: events where the collective perception of time and space are blurred, and where everyone’s definition of what is socially acceptable is rewritten. Here is what we have to say, in short:

Go wild on the outfits.

What’s the only dress-up event better than Halloween? That’s right: musical festivals. Ladies and gentlemen, these are potentially the only times in your lives to wear ensembles that are as ridiculous as they are outrageous, and that are as ’90s as they are something out of the Capitol from The Hunger Games. Bring on the glitter, the crazy colours, patterns that will make you look like a walking kaleidoscope, and anything you know you won’t be able to get away with anywhere else.

Always have a good meeting spot.

Whether it’s the Peroni stand, the obnoxious neon 20-person tent by the Vampire Weekend stage, or the tree that strongly resembles the Whomping Willow - have a meeting spot. You never know when your phone will die unexpectedly (or fall in the mud for that matter) and it’s always good to have somewhere you can regroup.

Stay hydrated.

Enough said!

The Buddy System

Always have at least one buddy by your side - especially at night. That way, if you get lost in the crowd, you’ll have each other and won’t be as worried about finding the rest of the group.

Respect the environment.

These green spaces are a temporary home to performers and festivalists alike - not to mention our furry friends. Let’s do everything we can to keep them in good shape for our future kids to frolic around in their wellies while singing aloud to Mr. Brightside. And anyways - no one likes a litter bug.


Snacks, snacks, snacks! Everyone knows you won’t be having a proper meal for the next few days, and due to this, you’ll need a supply to keep you fuelled throughout. We recommend buying or making your own trail mix from nuts, dried fruit, and some chocolate chunks; granola and energy bars… oh, and sweets are an obvious essential for when you need that sugar kick. Hint hint. 

See acts you weren’t familiar with before!

We have discovered some of our all-time favourite bands and singers by stumbling upon their stage or being dragged to their act by a friend. And in the weeks and months following the festival, when you hear a given song on the radio, you’ll think back to yourself on someone’s shoulders in a sea of glow sticks and indescribable energy, and you’ll love it forever!

What to leave behind:

Valuables. White trainers. Anything you care about, pretty much (except for your friends, that is!) Do bring your favourite jumper because it gets cold at night. Also, don’t bring your favourite jumper because it might get ruined. Your call. But do bring baby wipes. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a shower, friends.

And last but not least…