How To Get Over Your Holiday Blues.

by Maddy de Winter, 26th September 2019

This week it has been pretty evident that Winter is coming. We've had a couple of false alarms but this time we can't deny that Summer is officially over šŸ’”šŸ˜¢

But don't worry we've got you covered! You've probably had your last summer holiday for the year by now so we're here to help give you some cures forĀ those Holiday Blues!

Distract yourself with activities, outings and seeing friends! Think of your holiday, however you choose to spend it whether it's an all go holiday or relaxing beach/pool number. You're usually always doing something different, whether you're swimming in the pool or sea, eating out at new places, going to bars, sightseeing, learning about different cultures, reading, exercising, exploring, whatever it is you chose to do when away there is always something! Just because you're back from holiday doesn't mean you have to get yourself into a rut of work, eat, sleep, wake, repeat!Ā 

Find something new and exciting to do to keep you distracted - but don't just save these for the weekend! Try and squeeze some post workĀ activitiesĀ in a couple of times a week, it makes the work week far more enjoyable,Ā puts a smile on your face after a tough day in the officeĀ and breaksĀ the week up well. A rigid routine isn't always the absolute goal - Live a little!Ā 

Eat and drinkĀ well! You eat exciting, adventurous and delicious food when on holiday, it's the perfect opportunity to try new things and expand your palette. Just because you're back home and time constraints and convenienceĀ have been re-introduced into your daily life once again, doesn't mean that you can't relive the taste of your holiday. Try designating one or two nights a week to cook something exciting as opposed to quick food merely there to fill a whole. Re-create some of your favourite holiday dishes and relive those summer memories through your tastebuds!Ā 

Likewise with drinks, they don't have to be boring either! Do you miss your exotic cocktails, your refreshing smoothie, or even how good you felt with the gallons of extra water you were drinking because of the heat? Then keep doing it! Spice up your life in the words of the Spice Girls and introduce some summer lovin'. Revamp your after work glass of Vino for a delicious cocktail, or start your day with a fruity breakfast smoothie. And quite simply, drink more water - you'll feel better for it, trust us!Ā 

Book your next holiday.Ā Simple as. There is simply no better way to get over your holiday blues than by booking your next one and having it to look forward to and plan! Alternatively you can pray for the odd window of sun over a weekend and book yourself a weekend break away at one of our beautiful coastal towns. We (believe it or not) have some absolutely stunning beaches here in the UK, with the beauty being that theĀ journey isn't necessarily ever that far because we are such a small country! This Telegraph article looks atĀ Britain's 20 greatest beaches. Read it hereĀ and start planning your next weekend away to relive some summer fun!

Relive the memory! DedicateĀ some timeĀ to collate an album of all of your gorgeous holiday snaps and memories from the summer. It is so easy these days to just put your photos onto your laptop or online and think you've done something constructive with them. However, you're realistically never going to crowd around a laptop with your futureĀ grandchildrenĀ and look through your holiday snaps of 2019... However, they genuinely might flick through an album you have sitting on your bookshelf or on your coffee table. It's so much more tangible and authentic! Putting a photo album together can be a little time consuming but trust us it is so so worth it, PLUS you get to relive and think back to all of theĀ fun times of your holidays as your photos spark memories and feelings!Ā 

And finally, TROPICAL MANGO!Ā Our newest edition to the family that we launched last week. If you haven't already heard ALL about it, here's what you need to know:

It is theĀ epitome of summer, the tropicalĀ flavour helps you escape the daily grind for a moment of pure paradise. It will leave you dreaming of more idyllic places and sunnier more exotic times! Also it's DELICIOUS (not biased šŸ‘€)! Just because you can't be on holiday, doesn't meanĀ your taste buds can't be either! Get our new flavour here!