Happy National Best Friends Day!

by Tamara Southward  8 June, 2019

Many of our most cherished holidays roll around just once a year, and it is perhaps for this very reason that they are so special to us. Today, however, we celebrate those who are special to us every day: specifically, those who are by our sides through the highs and the lows, the “family” members we choose for ourselves - in other words, best friends.

Best friends are a bit like oxygen in the sense that we sometimes take them for granted - and in the sense that we essentially can’t live without them. They are our source of belly laughs, our partners in crime in every aspect of life, the keepers of our secrets and our biggest supporters. They’ll watch old movies with us, wipe our tears, and they won’t judge if we eat an entire bag of sweets. (Or better yet, they’ll join us in doing so).

Whether that one person lives across the street or across the world from you, take a sweet minute today to let them know how much they mean to you, be it through the retelling of a happy memory or a sidesplitting story, sharing an old picture, or through a heartwarming gesture. (We can always help with the latter)!

Happy National Best Friends Day to all. We hope you celebrate it The Sweet Way, in both the literal and figurative sense!

xx Candy Kittens