We Won a Great Taste Award!

by Maddy de Winter 28th August, 2019

So, if you haven't heard already, WE WON A GREAT TASTE AWARD! And if you haven't heard... why not!?

The last month has been packed with exciting news here at CKHQ and we’re now brimming with pride after landing one of the most prestigious accolades in food - a Great Taste Award!

With Over 500 judges, from all corners of the world, Great Taste pride themselves in picking winners that care about the quality of their products above all else (that’s us)! It’s safe to say we are delighted to have been recognised alongside some of our favourite treats. Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Candy Kittens and we look forward to pursuing more awards in the future.

We won Simply Delicious awards for both our Peach Fizz and Sour Watermelon flavours, and here's why: 

Our Peach Fizz were noted to be an innovative flavour and fun concept for the category. Not only that, but regarded as a well-engineered product that truly delivers on its promise.

I know we're biased but these sweets are guaranteed to put a fizz in your step!

Our Sour Watermelon were said to deliver a fantastic flavour, with a distinctive watermelon taste matched with balanced sour elements that compliment the sweetness.

We’re now even more sure that these watermelon wonders will tingle your taste buds!

We are truly over the moon here at CKHQ to have received such an amazing award. We do however, know that our sweets are the best and are more than deserving of receiving a couple more awards 😉our founder Jamie Laing thinks so too!