Goodbye, Charlotte! ?

Let’s see if I can write this without crying.. (nope, I can’t) - I am leaving Candy Kittens to move back to Oslo!! ??

I joined Candy Kittens in November 2014 as the Supply Chain Manager. When I accepted the job I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was hired to build up the Supply Chain from scratch, and being fairly fresh out of University, that was quite the scary (but exciting) task. However, I quickly noticed that my contributions had positive impacts on the business, which meant I was doing something right.

It is now 3.5 years later and my title has changed from Supply Chain Manager to Head of Operations. More importantly though - in my time at Candy Kittens I have managed a warehouse move, reduced costs, improved margins, moved sweets manufacturer, built supplier relationships, launched a range of new products and vegan/ vegetarian flavours and last but not least had loads and loads of fun (and of course eaten my weight in sweets..). As I am sure you have understood by now, I have had the most amazing time at Candy Kittens and I am a bit (/very) sad to be leaving this great group of people.

What keeps me going is that I can most likely buy the sweets in Oslo soon - YAY! For those of you reading this because you are considering applying for a role at Candy Kittens - do it! It is rare to find a company with such great people, culture and values. Lots of love, Charlotte x  

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